Everybody needs a poem now and then.

  • “Write a haiku about existentialism.”
  • “Write a sonnet about snow for my Mom.”
  • “Write a poem about rocks and Rhode Island.”
  • “I need a custom poem for my wedding.”
  • “Four lines for a tombstone.”

I’ve heard them all. Sometimes they come to me when there’s no place else to go. Flowers won’t do. A card won’t do. The job needs to be done quickly, silently, with deadly precision. And it needs to contain certain details. It needs to ring true.

That’s what I’m here for. They’ll never see me coming, or know I was there. But you’ll have the poem you need.

Samples to come. In the meantime, you know how to reach me.


2 thoughts on “Everybody needs a poem now and then.

  1. jamesjkaufholz says:

    I’m a 10th grade English teacher, and mini assignments like this would be perfect for when they first come in the room. Especially something as simple as “Four lines for a tombstone” is perfect for students. Not sure if this was your intention, but thanks!

    • If it was useful, then heeeeey THAT was my intention. Actually, two things, quite intentional in nature:
      Thing the first–the ninjapoet blog is inactive, I do my active stuff at jeffschwaner.com, so please check that out and follow it if you like.
      Thing the second–not sure if you are familiar with Kenneth Koch’s “Rose Where Did You Get That Red” or “Wishes, Lies, Dreams”…both books are about teaching poetry to children but I have used his ideas to jump start writing, and I think they could be used for tenth grade students as well. So check ’em out!
      Thing the third–thanks for visiting this site. I look forward to reading more on your blog. Melville is my favorite writer and Moby Dick my favorite book. But also a huge Emerson and Dickinson and Whitman fan.

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